Ever wondered how I go from idea to finished painting? Here’s a graphic I made to explain my process.

After learning everything I can about a client's vision, I propose three sketches to choose among, share a color version, and then a final detailed image. At each stage, I make alterations based on their feedback until we're satisfied.

Egypt, a Travel Symphony

Here’s a quick peek behind the scenes at my sculptural canvas, Leila Dreaming.

Working from the initial sketch, I attached a bit of wooden framing to a small stretched canvas. I then added a wire armature for the canvas extension, and covered that with plaster wrap. To create the elaborate part of the frame, I layered epoxy clay atop an armature of foam clay, wire, and foil. Then I used papier maché to create the textured, dissolving section of the frame. Once all that was done, it was on to painting!

Egypt, a Travel Symphony

One ongoing fine art project has been the Travel Symphony series. I’ve combined many scenes from my travels and imagination into each elaborate composition, to form connections and juxtapositions, and reflect the way one memory links with another. In this I have attempted to create a new visual language, a sort of dream landscape, physically impossible, yet capturing a truth about the interweaving nature of memory, experience, and imagination.

I invite you to spend time with these pieces. You can get each as an inexpensive poster print, a full-size fine art print, or even a hand-worked, individualized canvas painting. At 48” wide, (36” as a poster,) this is an ideal wall decoration, and a great gift for the history lover or wanderer in your life.

Egypt, a Travel Symphony

Egypt (2018)

Provence, a Travel Symphony

Provence (2017)

Israel, a Travel Symphony

Israel (2016)

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